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As an SMC, you understand the importance of digitization for your business success but may feel overwhelmed by the complexity and uncertainty of the cloud migration process.

At abtis, we specialize in empowering SMCs to overcome these challenges with our comprehensive Cloud Solution Assessments, tailored to your unique needs and requirements. Our expert team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and successful digital transformation journey. 

Triggers of cloud Migration & Modernization

As an SMC, you may face challenges such as budget constraints, limited resources and expertise, security concerns, and a lack of clarity on how to get started with cloud migration.

Our Cloud Solution Assessments address these challenges head-on, providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the process. 


abtis Experts.

Our Approach

At abtis, we take a pragmatic approach to cloud transformation, leveraging our industry expertise and proven methodologies to deliver tangible results for our clients. Our Cloud Solution Assessments are designed to concretize the potential of the cloud, create an individual business case, and establish a common understanding of the necessary steps ahead. 

Our Methodology

Our approach is centered around three core principles: transparency, collaboration, and innovation. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that your digital transformation journey is seamless and stress-free. 


Cloud migration and modernization journey

Informed by the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.



Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the cloud landscape and is committed to providing customized solutions that meet your specific needs. We offer robust security services, scalable modular approaches, and best-in-class technologies to ensure a seamless and successful cloud migration journey. 

By partnering with abtis, you gain access to our full range of cloud services, including: 

  • Standardized pilots and POCs for hybrid cloud scenarios 

  • Azure Immersion Workshops for hands-on experience 

  • Application and database modernization assessments 

  • Data and infrastructure migration assessments 

  • Holistic security assessments as a leading MSSP 

  • We are also a proud member of the Microsoft FastTrack Partner Program and the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP). 

Infrastructure and database migration

Save money and ​migrate with confidence ​

  • Pay less with Azure - AWS is ​5X more expensive than Azure for Windows Server ​and SQL Server.

  • Get free extended security updates when you move your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure. Save when you bring your ​on-premises licenses to Azure with the Azure Hybrid Benefit.

Stay secure and resilient across hybrid environments​

  • Use built-in security controls and advanced threat detection to counter rapidly evolving, modern cyberattacks​.

  • Get continuous protection with rich threat intelligence with Azure Security Center.​

  • Learn more about enhanced security with Azure.

Scale your web ​applications on-demand ​

  • Spend more time innovating by eliminating the need for code changes when you migrate your SQL Server workloads to Azure - the only cloud with always-up-to-date SQL that never needs to be patched or updated​.
  • Accelerate app innovation ​by migrating your ASP.NET websites to Azure App Service, the only fully-managed service for .NET apps.

Customer Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it - read success stories from other SMCs that have accelerated their digital transformation journey with abtis' Cloud Solution Assessments. 

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abtis Expertise


Assessment 1.

Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment

  • Accelerate your journey to the cloud​
  • The Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment gives you a comprehensive review of customer’s infrastructure and databases which helps the customer prioritizing workloads to migrate to cloud​.

Best for when you need to...

  • Uncertainty on where to begin your migration planning​​.
  • Difficulty aligning cloud strategy to ​business needs​​.
  • Ambiguity around prioritizing workloads for transition​​.

Outcomes for your business​

Empower your organization to make decisions backed by data and guided by experts​.

Receive an end-to-end analysis and mapping of your entire IT infrastructure considering business goals, current deployment, usage, processes, and data.

Evaluate your overall infrastructure in relation to your on-premises and Microsoft Azure cloud strategy.

Identify migration opportunities and best practices for deployment in Windows Server and SQL environments. 


Assessment 2.

Application & Database Modernization Assessment

  • Accelerate your journey to ​the cloud​.
  • The Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment gives you a comprehensive review of customer’s infrastructure and databases which helps the customer prioritizing workloads to migrate to cloud​.​

Best for when you need to...

  • Uncertainty around how to reach optimal use of current technologies​.
  • You need a business case or want to know financial implications of modernizing in the cloud​.
  • Confusion around the risks and dependencies incurred with modernization​.

Outcomes for your business​

Empower your organization to make decisions backed by data and guided by experts​.

Provides cloud licensing opportunities to improve your total cost of ownership.

Streamlines contracting processes through consolidating multiple licenses​.

Extends procurement contract for simplified experience and optimal use​.


Migrate confidently with expert help along the way​

Our experts will guide you through our detailed four-phased approach, from identifying your business goals to implementing specific action items.​

  • Planning​: Identify business goals and objectives​.
  • Data collection​: Provide a clear picture of the current data estate​.
  • Analysis​: Optimize investments ​with data and infrastructure analysis​.
  • Action​: Implement a strategic plan tailored to each cloud journey​.

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